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Kuk Sool Won Baytown

Adult Martial Arts Program

Classes forming NOW! Stop putting it off, Do something for yourself. Visit, experiance a class totaly Free, just give us a call and tell  us you are coming.  FUN - FITNESS - SELF-DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuk Sool Won covers the entire spectrum of traditional Asian Martial Arts, seeking to improve the practitioner’s mind and body. This Art combines kicks, punches, joint locks, pressure points, throws, falls, acrobatics, weapons, meditation and breathing skills into a beautiful and dynamic hard/soft style. It is a complete and well-rounded martial arts system that is sure to meet your physical and mental goals. 


At Kuk Sool Won-Baytown we know the importance of availability and flexibility for busy working people. That is why we offer nine different classes throughout the week for our adultstudents. Qualified instructors teach our classes with enthusiasm and energy. They start the class with a fifteen-minute warm up before moving into the day’s lesson plan. You always leave knowing that you have accomplished the workout you desired. Our instructors quickly learn each student’s limitations and abilities; so whatever your physical level, age or interest, the study and practice of Kuk Sool Won gives you a new level of confidence and health. It is a great method for improving your stamina, physical strength and cardiovascular fitness. 


There is no cost to try an introductory lesson to familiarize you with the operation of the school and our classes. One of our instructors will take you through some basic Martial Arts techniques and then you will participate in a class. Our office staff can discuss with you the different program options based on your goals. 


So stop putting it off and call us at (281) 428-4930 or e-mail us to set up your free introductory lesson today

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